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AEVS clinics are staffed with highly competent and compassionate veterinary professionals. We are fully equipped with an in-house laboratory, pharmacy and state of the art equipment such as digital radiography, ultrasound, and endoscopy. While we do not provide preventative health care services (i.e. spays and vaccinations) we are equipped to manage a wide variety of medical and surgical conditions.

Patients are seen on a first come first serve basis with critical patients receiving priority. We do not accept appointments. However, a phone call prior to the visit is appreciated and recommended. We do not diagnose or provide specific medical advice over the phone. However, we gladly accept phone calls from any concerned pet owners. In all cases, callers are offered the option to have our veterinarian examine their pet. Primary care veterinarians may also refer patients directly to an AEVS hospital.

At the hospital, patients are triaged immediately upon presentation. Thereafter, our veterinarian examines the patient, provides a consultation, treatment care plan and estimate. We strive to create and implement a plan that best meets the needs of the pet owner and their pet. Therefore, we strongly encourage and value open communication. When a patient is discharged from our hospital, the pet owner receives a complete copy of their pet’s medical record along with specific instructions for home care. The medical record is also faxed to the primary care veterinarian. As required, the primary care veterinarian provides any additional care and progress exams.

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Clinical Procedures

Central line placement

Enteral feeding tube placement

Nasal oxygen cannula placement



Thoracotomy tube placement

Transfusions (blood, plasma, oxyglobin)


Diagnostic Tests

Blood cross matching and typing

Blood gas analysis

Blood glucose curves

Blood pressure monitoring

Blood work (CBC, serum chemistry, electrolytes)


Central venous pressure monitoring

Contrast studies


Ethylene glycol analysis

FeLV/FIV Snap Test

Lactate analysis

Partial coagulation panels

Parvo Snap Test

Pulse oximetry

SNAP 4Dx Test



Emergency Surgical Procedures

Cesarean section


Diaphragmatic hernia repair

Endoscopy (for foreign body retrieval)


Exploratory laparotomy

Gastric dilatation volvulous


Laceration repair


Urethral obstruction